Hello Everyone!! Here Are Some Glitches That I Have Come Across In Build-A-Bearville:

OMG four of me this day was very strange LOL :D (above)

Weird!! Me fishing in the grass!! :D (above)

Has anyone else had this message on Build-A-Bearville?Sometimes I Get It When I Click On Furtastic Fountain!!

I was walking out of the room but i was also in the pool!! (above)

Remember when there was that strange glitch?? Bears where losing there bodies aaaaaaah!! LOL!! (Here is a pic of the glitch above)

My friend SkyPatches13 is swimming in the grass (above)

 The girl on the beach has no name!! OH NO!! (below)

 This girl has bearemys nose!!!!!! (below)

 Me and SkyPatches swimming in the grass!! LOL!! (below) 

I walked into my kitchen in my cub condo and all the furniture was missing!! My bear didn't notice because the cutie was too busy cleaning!! LOL!! Ooops!! Did Bearville steal my furniture???!!!?? (below)

 Can you see the floating girl above bearville outfitters??? (below)

 I asked this girl with the purple dress on stood next to me if she wanted to trade but she had no name and it says waiting for to accept she doesn't have a name!!!

 My Cute Build A Bear Zacally lost her body when we were coming back from our beachfront home :) (below)

 My friend Malina disappeared and so did her bear!!!!!!!! (below)

 Hope stood on me at Camp Happy Heart :( (below)

 This Hello Kitty has no ears!! Awww it still looks cute though!!(below)

 I am walkin on water...wooooohooooo!!! (below)

 Please Check out this video (below) there is funny glitches on it, pawsome pics and a bit of a dance pawty...check out my other fun babv vids on the my babv vids page thanx!! :D

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